I was blessed to be able to meet my husband’s Great Grandfather in 2018.  The moment we entered his home, I saw a portrait of his wife on their wedding day. He had lost her many years earlier. I could not stop stealing glances at the portrait on the wall. I was thinking of his memories of her, their wedding day and their life together. And all of the house guests who have seen her portrait on the wall throughout the years. That portrait is her memory in that home.

I want to give every couple timeless portraits. Memories that will last more than a lifetime. I love to imagine your wedding portraits being passed down as heirlooms, telling your family story one day. This makes your wedding portraits about so much more than trends or social media posts. Your portraits become deeply personal and represent you, who and how you are exactly in this moment. This is your memory that will move through generations. As your wedding photographer I am honored to step into this moment and create some of your very first family heirlooms. That is my "why", and I am incredibly grateful to all of the couples who have trusted me to capture and create these heirlooms for them over the years.

Why weddings?

​I am a wife to my sweet husband, a lover of all animals, and a friend to my brides. I am the photographer who will take your portraits, fetch you your favorite drink from the bar, help take out your veil, and bustle your dress. I would also accept the term of "bridesmaid in disguise" because when you hire me you really do get an extra bridesmaid... who will take thousands of pictures. The best of both worlds in my opinion.

I am a photographer, wife, God follower, and friend

My relationship with God impacts every area of my life, including my work. I hope to reflect the love and care of God through creating beautiful heirlooms for every couple I get the chance to work with.

I graduated with a degree in Fine Art Photography from the University of Northern Colorado in 2014.

Denver Based Fine Art wedding photographer

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All Time Favorites

"Taylor is so friendly and easy to work with. It was so comforting in the chaos of wedding planning to work with a photographer that was incredibly organized and responsive. She made us feel very comfortable and directed us through all of the pictures which was very helpful for my husband and I"
— Kelly & Dean

"Taylor is so friendly and easy to work with."

"Taylor is an ABSOLUTE JOY to work with and booking her as our photographer was without a doubt the best decision we made for our wedding! She is one of the most genuine individuals you will ever meet and the passion she has for her work speaks for itself in her photos.."
—  Julia & Reid

"She is one of the most genuine individuals you will ever meet"

"Taylor is amazing. My first experience with her was actually with her shooting my best friend's wedding. As a bridesmaid, I was so impressed with Taylor's kindness and sweet spirit, as well as her professionalism, focus and ability to keep the ball rolling in a timely fashion. You can tell she knows what she's doing and everything felt so natural with her - not awkward as being photographed can feel at times! 10/10 would recommend!"
—  Areni & Alex

"My first experience with taylor was actually with her shooting my best friend's wedding..."