Taylor Nicole Photography is a Colorado fine art wedding photography team.

As owner and founder Taylor is a wife, photographer, God follower, and friend. Her relationship with God impacts every area of her life, including her work. Taylor and her team hope to reflect the love and care of God through creating beautiful heirlooms for every couple they have the honor of photographing.

Taylor graduated with a degree in Fine Art Photography and has yet to stop learning and developing in her craft. She also loves working with her husband, Austin, who is commonly found as her second photographer. When she isn't working you might find Taylor exercising, puzzling, taking film photography walks with Austin, or trying a new recipe from Half Baked Harvest.

Fine Art wedding photography team LEADER

Meet  Taylor

Taylor and her team specialize in providing bright, classic and refined wedding imagery. Associate team members work in a digital photography and Taylor curates and edits all final images in a film inspired, bright and classic aesthetic.

We love the challenge of creating art and capturing moments in a fast paced and 'once in a lifetime' environment of the wedding day.

The importance of our roll in documenting personal family history is not lost on us as we prepare for and enter each wedding day. 

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Read more about the TNP team members below. 

Alysha is a wife and mother to three sweet littles. She is also a mountain girl, psychology nerd, foodie and creative personality. With over 10 years of wedding experience Alysha needed to transform the role of photography in her life. It turned into a perfect fit to start a new journey with Taylor, one that would give the editing hours back to her growing family, and still allow place for her passion to be active.

For Alysha, photography always has been and will always be about love, relationships, beauty, and LIFE, through the lens. 

Ashley just celebrated 11 years of marriage with her husband Will, who she met at college in Oxford, England. She spends most of her time raising their three children on their homestead, which they are currently renovating. Ashley enjoys all of the moments that happen during a wedding day - from the beautiful details to the intimate moments shared during a first look to the laughter and tears experienced during the toasts. Ashley loves being a part of creating memories for couples + getting to celebrate them as they start this chapter of their love story. 

"Taylor is so friendly and easy to work with. It was so comforting in the chaos of wedding planning to work with a photographer that was incredibly organized and responsive. She made us feel very comfortable and directed us through all of the pictures which was very helpful for my husband and I"
— Kelly & Dean

"Taylor is so friendly and easy to work with."


"Taylor is an ABSOLUTE JOY to work with and booking her as our photographer was without a doubt the best decision we made for our wedding! She is one of the most genuine individuals you will ever meet and the passion she has for her work speaks for itself in her photos.."
—  Julia & Reid

"She is one of the most genuine individuals you will ever meet"


"Taylor is amazing. My first experience with her was actually with her shooting my best friend's wedding. As a bridesmaid, I was so impressed with Taylor's kindness and sweet spirit, as well as her professionalism, focus and ability to keep the ball rolling in a timely fashion. You can tell she knows what she's doing and everything felt so natural with her - not awkward as being photographed can feel at times! 10/10 would recommend!"
—  Areni & Alex

"My first experience with taylor was actually with her shooting my best friend's wedding..."