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Taylor is fully booked for 2022, now booking 2023

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associate teaM booking 2022

Taylor is fully booked for 2022, now booking 2023


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Varies weekly, but emails are responded to within 72 hours.




I tend to book  12-18 months in advance. June-September are the busiest and book the farthest out. Basically if you're engaged and would like me as your photographer contact me ASAP to see what dates are available!

how far in advance do i need to book you for my wedding?

Engagement portraits take up to 4 weeks. Wedding portraits take up to 8 weeks. For both you will receive a preview of your images within the first week of your session/wedding.  Then you will have all of your final images no later than 8 weeks after your event. 

how long will it take to get our photos delivered?

There are definite pros and cons to each! First ask your partner if they have an opinion. Then when we have our phone/video consultation I will help you think about your timeline and we would discuss how a first look would affect your wedding day knowing what is most important to you! There is no right or wrong choice here!

Do you recommend a "first look" on the wedding day?

Every wedding is different. On our phone/video consultation I will get more details about your wedding day, and set up an example timeline so you know just how long all of your pictures throughout the day should take! 

how many hours should we set aside for wedding photos?

Absolutely! However, not every wedding needs one. If you have a tight budget, are getting ready in the same building, have a small guest list, all of these might not require a second. I will always work with you to set up a photo timeline and if we don't want to hire the second photographer I will make sure to leave myself enough time to cover your day alone! 

do you offer a second photographer for weddings?

I got you! I wrote a guide that will get you started on selecting outfits, and then I would love to answer more questions from there! In general start with neutral colors, these make your skin look flawless,  add in an accent colors and accessories, and never ever wear neons!

What should i wear for my engagement session?

You don't have to! During every session/wedding I will give you direction. You will never have to wonder "what do I do with my hands?!" That's why you hire me! I will have you feeling comfortable in front of the camera in no time! 

What if i don't know how to pose?

Nope! Everybody blinks some times. After a wedding or a session I back up all of the images and then start the sorting process. I get rid of blinks, doubles, blurs, and the outtakes. What are outtakes? Just google "Beyonce Funny Face".. that's what I mean! I will edit and deliver every good image from your wedding day/session!

Do you deliver every image from our session/wedding?

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