Thank you SO much for your interest in having Taylor Nicole Photography for your wedding day! You being on this page means the WORLD to myself and my team. I can't wait to open the doors to the 2026 calendar and get to know ALL of the sweet new love stories and wedding plans! In order to best serve our clients I and my team will be taking on a limited number of weddings each month and weekend during 2026.

This waitlist is now a fifth year tradition. I, Taylor, take the last few slower months of each year to carefully revamp and plan out the following wedding photography collections and calendar availability. Taking the best of what worked well in the previous year and adjusting what I can to serve our 2026 clients even better. In the previous years this has looked like sampling wedding albums, reviewing or refreshing client gallery delivery methods and pouring a new year's worth of experiences and information into the client investment guide which is a wealth of information for inquiring clients.

I know wedding planning can feel fast paced and cut throat to secure your dream vendors. As a thank you for waiting to book I have a waitlist specific gift I give to every client from the waitlist when they officially book their photography collections in the new year. I like to make it worth the wait! 

As soon as I have 2026 plans and collection options ironed out and perfected I open up my 2026 calendar to my waitlist first.

So if you fill out this form below here is what you will receive-

1. A thank you email letting you know I received your form and that you are on the waitlist!
2. You will receive access to my pricing guide and 2026 calendar availability 10 days before I open to the public.
3. A special waitlist only gift in booking.

That is 10 days to check out the pricing details, schedule your personal client consultation and save your date in my calendar before anyone else has access. Currently the plan is to open to the public January 10th, 2025. So you would receive access to the pricing guide January 1st. I will keep you updated along the way if that date were to change.

To join the waitlist fill out the form below.

Last notes, I will be refining and releasing the new 2026 collections in the new year, but I know it's helpful to know a general price range to expect. A 2026 client investment range would be 4 - 6k. Currently an average client investment in wedding photography is around 4.5k. Just for reference.

Ready to Party in 2026!

let's party in 2026!

2026 Watlist

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