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What Your Wedding Cake Bakery Wants You To Know | The Cupcake Gypsies | Colorado Wedding Desserts

July 22, 2020

Wedding Tips


Our next wedding vendor interview is with The Cupcake Gypsies! Ever stress about your wedding desserts? You aren’t the only one I guarantee you aren’t the only one! So I first met Amber at The Cupcake Gypsies adorable storefront in downtown Loveland for a photo session. She is so kind, their storefront is unique and to top it all off they have gluten free cupcakes. Needless to say I was sold from the beginning and knew that I had to interview Amber and her sister to share some wedding dessert tips to you all and to just strongly recommend them to you for your wedding day desserts too! So here is the interview-

1. Tell us about yourselves. How did you get into baked goods and the wedding industry?

Hi, My name is Amber Cronin and I started this business with my sister, Andrea Strick, with the help of our parents. Both of our husbands have been a huge support as well. We are a true family owned and operated company, Andrea’s son Brenden is one of our bakers. My sister and I are 3rd generation business owners in Loveland and we love the history our family has in our adorable town. My sister and I grew up baking with our mom and grandma but baking is definitely Andrea’s passion. My background is in customer service and management. I run the business side of things, sales, marketing, social media. I was a manager at a dress boutique for a bit and I knew I wanted to be in the wedding industry, just in a different way so my sister had a talent and I had the idea and it just went from there. We started in our food truck trailer, Petunia, and we still take her out to events and rallies.  I designed our brick and mortar location since I have a passion for design and styling (my side hustle or hobby is wedding design & coordination) and being a business owner in general! 2. Why is hiring a wedding dessert caterer for your wedding important?

We recommend hiring anyone else (bakery, caterer, or other dessert vendor) besides yourself, a family member, or a friend for several reasons. I know many people have a family member that bakes, but putting the pressure on someone you know to make your day perfect can add stress that will stick around way after the party is over. I have talked with several past couples who regret not using a professional company or having friend do it because they expected things beyond what was discussed when they agreed to do it. Weddings are no joke and having someone who does this for a living and has a good reputation for seeing the job through is important. They also have contracts and collect the exact amount they expect to be paid because they understand the costs associated with their services. This goes for all vendors really, not just your dessert vendor. Keeping business and personal separate gets messy with weddings because they are high emotion events. Working with a professional will assure that things will go the way you planned and if they don’t you won’t ruin a personal relationship because you wanted to save some money. 3. Do you have any tips for brides when it comes to their wedding desserts, anything brides commonly overlook? 

I would say make sure you are contacting the correct type of dessert vendor for what you are looking for. For instance, our name kind of says what our specialty is and our focus is on cupcakes and small desserts but we do offer up to a 2 tier cake. We also don’t work with fondant. We get contacted often to do multi tier fondant covered cakes, so just take a peek at the dessert vendors Instagram or Website and get a feel for what they offer before sending off inquiry’s to companies that don’t fit your wedding vision. Not all bakeries offer the same items and we all have something that makes us unique so find the company that offers what you need before reaching out and being disappointed that they can do what you want. 4. How can a bride know how many desserts to order for her wedding day?

We have base recommendations of how many they should order of every item per their head count. We have come up with these based off what past couples have told us. With that being said every crowd is unique and some are more into sweets than others so I always say to order what you think you will need while keeping the recommended amount in the back of your mind.

5. When should a bride book her wedding dessert caterer?

We have dates that have filled up a year in advance and some that stay open till a few weeks before. We always tell our clients to book their event as soon as they know they want us to be their baker. We only take on a couple deliveries per date and limited pickups at the store besides that.  I have had couples book us a full year and a half in advance so we are happy to hold your date for as long as you need. 6. Any other advice?

I think our biggest tip for your dessert table is keep the temperature and environment your cake display will be set up in, at the forefront of your mind. I have watched the sun burn a hole in the side of a buttercream cake in about 30 minutes. This goes for picking up cakes too. They can melt in your car before you even get to the venue during the hot summer months. We offer delivery and allow pick up with a signed waiver that states we are not responsible for any damage after the cakes leave our possession. We have a list of tip and tricks for transporting cakes in our waiver as well. We want our customers to have all the information they need to make sure their desserts arrive in tact. Wow, so much good advice from the hard truths of hiring a family member or friend to thinking about the temperature and conditions for your wedding cake and cupcakes too. I honestly hadn’t thought of some of these before. So make sure to keep this in mind with your wedding desserts, and if you’re still in the market for your dessert bakery/caterer then I highly recommend The Cupcake Gypsies, they are highly experienced in the wedding world and you, and your guests will love your wedding desserts if you go through them! social media:


Also if you’re in the Northern Colorado area Amber shares their daily cupcake flavors at their storefront on instagram stories almost daily. You should swing by and get one for yourself, trust me they are SO delicious! If you’re ready to make your (and your guests’) wedding dessert dreams come true then hire The Cupcake Gypsies for your wedding day! If you are a future Taylor Nicole Photography bride know that The Cupcake Gypsies and I make a great team! Lastly, if you’ve worked with The Cupcake Gypsies before you should definitely comment and share this with your wedding planning friends! 

Thanks for visiting the blog! 

xo, Taylor

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