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What To Know About Wedding Dress Shopping | Dora Grace Bridal – Fort Collins Bridal Dress Shop

July 22, 2020

Wedding Tips


Continuing the wedding vendor interviews is Dora Grace Bridal! If you didn’t know I was a Dora Grace bride myself and I LOVED my experience of finding my perfect dress at Dora Grace. That was in 2017 and since then I have had numerous brides who also found their dresses at Dora Grace and have worked with them on a styled wedding also. I just recently photographed the Windsong Estate Fashion Show that featured several Dora Grace dresses. So much fun! So whether you are nervous or excited about starting your search for the perfect dress you need to read this post, and then share it with a friend who is on the dress hunt as well!  1. Bio – A quick background about your store. 

Dora Grace Bridal opened in March 2011 after the owner, Timiry, saw a need for a bridal boutique in town that could cater to the moderately priced bride while also providing an expansive selection of styles.  We pride ourselves on being really friendly and laid-back and offering gowns for every bride and every body type.  2. What should a bride know before wedding dress shopping? Definitely know your budget!!  Not only do we want to pull styles for you that are affordable, but having a discussion about money in front of your whole entourage can be super awkward and stressful.  The second most important piece of information for us is your wedding date.  If you’re on a shorter timeline (less than 9 months) it may impact the availability of certain dresses. 3. Who (and what) should a bride bring with her for dress shopping? We love to see any pictures you might have from Pinterest or previous bridal appointments to get an idea of your style.  Also, make sure you only bring a few, supportive friends and family.  Most stores don’t have a ton of seating and more people means more opinions (and not always good ones).  Bring any undergarments that you might be wearing under your dress – Spanx, strapless bra, shoes, UNDERWEAR!!! 4. How far in advance should a bride start looking for her wedding dress? The ideal timeline is nine months to a year.  Special order gowns typically take between 3 to 5 months to make and alterations can take a couple of months.  We like to be out of your life at least a month before your wedding so that you can take care of the last minute details! 5. Do you have any tips for someone new to wedding dress shopping? How to make it a fun experience?  What to expect? Expect it to be super weird the first time you put on a wedding dress!! You also probably don’t bring five people with you when you try on clothes normally so expect to be a little overwhelmed at first.  Our consultants do our best to put you at ease so don’t stress too much.  It’s also really tempting to make four different appointments for one day, but it is SUCH a long day for the entourage and the bride.  The dresses start to blend together, everyone is hungry and it’s a total downer at the end of what is supposed to be a fun day.  Don’t be afraid to say “yes” at your first appointment either!  If our consultant is doing her job she should be able to find your perfect dress among our 400+ gowns! 6. Anything that brides commonly overlook?

During your shopping experience you will probably try on a lot of dresses.  Stay true to your style and budget.  The most common problem we see is a member of the entourage with a loud opinion steering the bride away from her vision.  It’s YOUR big day and if you need us to help intervene let us know

Dora Grace Bridal is the perfect place to start your search for your dream dress! They have so much wisdom in the wedding world and you will LOVE your experience dress shopping there! If you want to get to know more about Dora Grace Bridal go check out their website and social media:


If you’re ready to make your wedding dress dreams come true then schedule your appointment through their website! If you’ve worked with Dora Grace Bridal before you should definitely comment and share this with your wedding planning friends!

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