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What Your Wedding Planner Wants You To Know | Barnwood Events – Colorado Wedding Planner

July 22, 2020

Wedding Tips


Our next Colorado wedding vendor to be interviewed is Jen with Barnwood Events Wedding Planning! I had the privilege of working with Jen for an October wedding at Windsong Estate Event Center. She is charismatic, driven, and sweet. I would LOVE to work with her for future weddings so I knew I needed to share some of her wisdom with you! 

What is one thing that every past bride has told you? It’s how ‘stressful wedding planning is’! That makes me so sad that the happiest day of your lives has to be so filled with stress. Well I decided to interview Jen, a local Northern Colorado Wedding planner and coordinator to see how we can change that narrative. I hope you enjoy reading and learning from this post, and I especially hope that you hire Jen for your wedding planning and coordinating needs! 1. Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get into wedding planning?

I grew up in a tiny town in Northern Colorado. I’m not joking here, my graduating class had 7 people. I was a high school athlete playing volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, running track and managing the baseball team. I was involved in 4 clubs and on Student Council. Staying busy became my normal. I started college as a journalism major and within a semester, I knew it wasn’t right for me. I began working at my “day job” nearly 11 years ago working the facility side of events. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of a team that puts on multiple special events throughout the year. In the summer of 2016, I got the opportunity to be the Day-Of Coordinator for two weddings (in the same weekend!), and I’ve been hooked ever since. Fun fact: I still enjoy my day job so I focus on booking just a handful of weddings each year with fun and authentic couples. 2.Why is having a wedding planner for your wedding important/helpful?

In my opinion, hiring a wedding planner allows a bride and groom (AND their family) to actually enjoy the wedding. The planning process can be extremely stressful and daunting at times, that’s where a good planner can come in and take care of business. It’s also helpful that most planners have connections and friendships through networking in the industry; they can be sure that the couple hires a professional vendor. 3. Do you have any tips for brides when it comes to wedding planning, anything brides commonly overlook?

For me, it’s ALL about the timeline! Making sure that your vendors are all aware of when they can get into the venue and when the other vendors are coming in. Some would think that this wouldn’t matter much, but  it’s hard for your photographer to take details shots if they are showing up an hour before your florist. 4.What does a wedding planner do for a bride throughout the planning process? What events around the wedding day and during the wedding day does the planner help with?

When someone chooses my Full Wedding Planning package, I include an initial consultation, provide them with a design board, help book all vendors, keeps the couple within budget, attend vendor meetings with the couple, help them create the timeline, touch base with the venue and vendors before the big day, and provide unlimited email communication from contract date. I also added an add-on option to take care of Wedding Invitations. On the day of, I am the go-to person…I have given myself the title of Chaos Coordinator. All vendors and venue coordinators will run issues and questions by me. I will ensure that the timeline is followed as closely as possible all while making sure the couple and families are enjoying themselves! For each of my wedding packages, I include the rehearsal and have rehearsal dinner and day after brunch management as add-on options. 5.When should a bride book her wedding planner?

 I am a venue nerd, so it’s always my hope that a bride will contact me before booking a venue. If you’re sure you will want help, even just with the Day-of Management, it’s always good to contact a planner as soon as you have your date set. 6. How can you help the couple on a budget? Any advice?

I understand being on a budget – make sure you prioritize what is most important to you, as a couple, before you begin to plan. For some couples it’s the pictures, for others it’s the venue or the food. Focus your budget there first, then you can begin the search for your other vendors. And remember, sometimes you get what you pay for. If a vendor’s prices are WAY lower than everyone else, make sure you do your homework researching them as a company. You guys, why wouldn’t you want Jen as your chaos coordinator?! I want to plan another wedding so I can hire her too! Jen with Barnwood Events is the perfect vendor for your wedding planning! She has so much wisdom in the wedding world and you will LOVE your experience wedding planning with her! Also, hiring a wedding planner is not just a gift to yourself, but a gift of organization for all of your wedding vendors! If you want to get to know more about Barnwood Events go check out their website and social media:


If you’re ready to make your wedding dreams come true and don’t want the stress of doing everything yourself then contact Jen through the website listed above! If you are a future Taylor Nicole Photography bride, know that Jen and I make a great team and we would love to work together to take some of the weight of stress away from your wedding day. Lastly, if you’ve worked with Barnwood Events before you should definitely comment and share this with your wedding planning friends!

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xo, Taylor

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