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Taylor Nicole Photography is a fine art wedding photography team based out of Denver, Colorado. We specialize in providing bright, classic and refined wedding imagery for our couples. 

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Episode 011. Choosing Your Wedding Style

March 8, 2022



Weddings & Life Podcast with Taylor Nicole, a podcast by Denver Wedding Photographer,
Taylor Nicole Photography

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According to my Pinterest board I am going to have a boho, chic, modern, rustic simple, intimate, classic, large, traditional wedding day. Okay but that has to relate to at least a few of you listening! There are so many styles to choose from. Is Pinterest getting you down or adding to the decision fatigue of wedding planning? What is the best wedding style for you? Listen into this episode to learn more about wedding styles and where to find your wedding inspiration.

Okay so let’s start with a list of wedding styles and the definitions I’ve found for them-

  • Classic- think timeless, sophisticated, free of time based trends
  • Modern- fresh and contemporary, fashion forward, sleek, sophisticated and refined
  • Boho- think nature inspired, earthy, braids, effortless and free spirited
  • Rustic- typically more relaxed, more natural design elements,  also could involve barn or country settings
  • Vintage- inspired by the past
  • Romantic- soft tones, a lot of florals, hanging lights
  • Seasonal- based on the season, influences colors, tones and decor
  • Nautical weddings- while I haven’t photographed a nautical wedding yet these must be popular because they were listed everywhere. Think lots of boats, navy, emerald greens and essence of adventure.
  • Outdoor/Indoor- more environment based

So I think you can create your wedding around any number of those themes. As I was looking up wedding themes/visions I even read about a vintage modern wedding mixing touches of the past and present trends. So I would look up these styles and see what inspires you and what feels right for you as a couple. Also the style of your wedding dress might also fit into one of those categories and influence the style/theme

Next I would let your venue and time of year play an element in your plans as those can flow naturally together. Fall and winter being more of the bold jewel tones and Summer and Spring being more for the light and bright colors.

It would be good to categorize the general formality level of your wedding because this can be helpful to share with your guests. Now some venues speak this formality for themselves, a wedding held at a local fair grounds will automatically be categorized as a casual affiair, and a rooftop city ceremony will most likely be viewed as formal.

Part of the vision could be the overall feeling you would like your wedding to involve. So cozy, romantic, intimate, fun, joyful

Next to create a wedding that is truly unique to you and your own style I would incorporate elements that mean something to you as a couple. Do you both love donuts? Then maybe have a donut bar instead of traditional cake. Or on a harder scenario, let’s say you both love nature and the outdoors but you’ve chosen an indoor venue. Maybe you can incorporate a lot of greenery and florals into your venue to bring the outdoors inside. 

Another part of this vision could be selecting a color scheme. I’d recommend a lot of searching for these, and also leaving your color scheme fairly flexible until you see the colors in person ex. The linens and the bridesmaid dresses. I got married before azazie was popular so I tried to order a hunter green bridesmaid dress from Amazon and it was a horrible color. I ended up choosing a patterned navy dress for my bridesmaids instead and that changed our overall color scheme.

  • I can say that from seeing a lot of weddings color schemes that tend to go with the season/time of year is helpful too. Spring/Summer- lighter colors, Fall/Winter- darker tones but this doesn’t always have to be the case! Your wedding your choice!

And just in case you need any help in finding wedding inspiration outside of Pinterest, instagram or google searching. Here are a few more targeted places to look-

Also you can google new wedding trends and see if you like anything coming out. No pressure to add any of them if you don’t relate to the trend but it might give you an idea that you haven’t seen before.


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