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Episode 026. 5 Things You Can Do To Pose Better In Photos

June 28, 2022



Weddings & Life with Taylor Nicole, a podcast by Denver Wedding Photographer,
Taylor Nicole Photography

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Intro: Does being in front of a camera make you nervous? Do you ever see pictures of others and wonder how they so effortlessly seem to pose? It is okay to not feel completely natural in front of a camera, unless youre a professional model or influencer it probably doesn’t happen regularly. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t love the photos that you’re in. I am going to share 5 practical things you can do today to take ‘better’ photos. This goes for professional portraits like engagement sessions or wedding portraits and also for those iPhone pictures you take with friends. 

5 practical things you can do to instantly improve your photos, professional or iPhone! 

  1. Empty Your Pockets
  2. Fix/adjust your hair if it is in your face (also includes neck and shoulders)
  3. Posture and angle to the camera, slight bend in arms, girls pop hip, guys feet apart
  4. Facial Expressions- practice in mirror
  5. Have fun! Laugh, like actually giggle, breathe (stress on wedding days) don’t get in your head


Taylor Nicole

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