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Taylor Nicole Photography is a fine art wedding photography team based out of Denver, Colorado. We specialize in providing bright, classic and refined wedding imagery for our couples. 

We capture a mix of posed and candid imagery that couples will cherish for all the years to come.

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Dream Lake Winter Engagement Session | Estes Park Engagemen | Taylor Nicole Photography | Sable & Matt

February 22, 2023



Estes Park engagement photos taken by Taylor Nicole Photography | Estes Park Wedding Photographer

Sable and Matt flew to Colorado for an epic Winter engagement session in Estes Park last year. November in Estes Park is generally cold and windy. We chose Dream Lake, which is a short hike that leaves from Bear Lake inside of Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park.

Film image of couple in winter mountain scene in Estes Park

We met while it was still dark at the Bear lake parking lot and hiked about 30 minutes up to Dream Lake. We started their session right as the sun began to rise. After a fresh snow the day before the trees and trails were all covered in snow which made for a very picturesque Winter scene. I photographed this session on both digital and medium format film. The film rolls were developed and scanned by Photovision prints.

Estes Park Engagement

Couple standing at Dream Lake in RMNP in the Winter
Couple in snowy mountain scene in Colorado Winter
Winter engagement portrait of couple at Dream Lake
Dream Lake engagement portrait in Estes Park
Rocky Mountain National Park engagement portrait in the Winter snow
Couple looking at mountains in Winter engagement session
Film image of Winter engagement session in the mountains

If you’re considering a Winter engagement session I would suggest the following:

  1. Bring hand warmers and foot warmers
  2. Bring extra layers to wear as you walk to/from locations
  3. Bring warm shoes and a change of socks
  4. Bring a hot drink- hot chocolate, coffee, tea anything that can help warm you from the inside
  5. Bring weather appropriate clothing- layers, and finding nice Winter coats that will both be warm and photograph well
Engagement portrait of a couple in snowy Colorado mountain setting
Winter engagement portrait of couple with fur coat
Fun engagement portraits of couple in Winter at Estes Park
Estes Park Winter engagement session
Winter engagement photo of couple in Rocky Mountain National Park
Engagement portrait of couple in Rocky Mountain National Park
Photo of couple at Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park in the Winter
Couple walking in snowy mountain Colorado scene
Winter engagement portrait in Estes Park Colorado
Winter engagement portrait of couple in black and white

Not many brave souls opt for a Winter session due to the cold and wind. If you are planning a Winter Mountain session I suggest planning with your photographer and showing up as prepared as possible. Better too warm and needing to remove layers than too cold. Taking breaks to warm up the the car can be helpful too.

If you’re planning an Estes Park wedding and are looking for a photographer you can reach out here!

xo, Taylor Nicole

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