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Taylor Nicole Photography is a fine art wedding photography team based out of Denver, Colorado. We specialize in providing bright, classic and refined wedding imagery for our couples. 

We capture a mix of posed and candid imagery that couples will cherish for all the years to come.

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Unique & Creative Wedding Ideas

April 30, 2024



If you’re looking to add a special, unique or creative touch to your wedding day this is the episode for you! I am going to share 7 fun ideas to consider adding to your wedding day. I hope you enjoy this episode! 

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Inside the episode

So in no particular order here are some fun and creative wedding ideas to consider! 


  1. Hire a live Wedding painter or guest painter
  • If you’re local to Colorado consider Julia! Her work is stunning!
Wedding ceremony at the Boulders at Black Canyon Inn
  1. Welcome Party Coverage
  • Have your photographer capture your welcome party or rehearsal dinner! It’s a great way to get more candid and group images of you with your guests and loved ones on your wedding weekend.
  1. Donkeys or Beverage Burros
  • I have loved every experience working with the Rocky Mountain Beverage Burros! Guests seem to love it too!
Spruce Mountain Events photos of couple with beverage burros
  1. Custom drinks
  • Create signature or custom cocktails for your guests to enjoy!
  1. Couches/lounge areas for your guests
  • Bring in a lounge area, couches and chairs, for your guests to relax and enjoy during your wedding day.
Indoor cocktail hour space decor at Spruce Mountain Ranch
  1. Hire a Vintage Getaway Car!
  • Make sure to have them come earlier in the day so you can take some of your portraits with the car too! Talk about a way to add classy elements to your wedding day!
Bride and groom wedding portraits at Highlands Ranch Mansion
  1. Pet attendants
  • If you’re hoping to have your best pups attend your wedding day but don’t want to burden a family member or friend with keeping them safe or taking them home after consider hiring a pet attendant! They bring your dog for portraits, the ceremony, while keeping them safe and well cared for. Then when the pet is done at the wedding they will take the dog home or to the boarding facility.
  • Here are two great pet attendants we have worked with!
Couple with dog in Colorado mountain engagement session

I hope these are fun and helpful ideas for your wedding planning! Thanks for listening (or reading) to another episode of the Weddings & Life Podcast with Taylor Nicole.

I can’t wait to have more episodes ready for you in our next season releasing in 2025!

xo, Taylor Nicole

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