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Weddings & Life

From a seasoned wedding photographer's perspective

Created to give advice and inspiration for anyone planning a wedding

Every now and then Taylor will record Q&A or life update episodes for the show. Ask questions for the show on Instagram!

Sharing stories and life along the way

Take it from someone who sees weddings almost every weekend. Taylor shares helpful advice based on her experience at real weddings.

Wedding thoughts from the professional's point of view

Taylor believes that wedding planning doesn't only have to be stressful, but that it can actually be fun!

not your average take on wedding planning

What you'll find on the podcast:

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"Taylor knows weddings inside and out and can be a guide through the planning process"

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"This podcast is upbeat, informative and so refreshing! Can't wait to hear more."

I have been a wedding photographer in the Denver area for the last 7 years. After photographing and witnessing over 250 weddings I decided I have an almost unlimited amount of wedding experience and advice to share. I know most brides and grooms to be plan weddings just once, and I am blessed to get to witness weddings almost every weekend. I am here to share the real stories, talk about trends and hot topics in the wedding world while trying to convince you that wedding planning doesn't have to be the most stressful thing you experience. In fact I hope that you can have fun while planning your wedding! Thanks for coming along and listening to the podcast episodes!

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Hey friend! I'm Taylor.

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Bride & Groom standing in front of vintage getaway car at the Highlands Ranch Mansion

Consider these seven creative and unique ideas for your wedding day! Live painters, beverage burros, vintage getaway cars and more!

Unique & Creative Wedding Ideas

Wedding reception at Avanti Food & Beverage Restaurant in Boulder, Colorado

Candid photos, everyone wants them but what does candid really mean? How can you prioritize candid images for your wedding day?

The Truth About Candid Photos

Bride and groom, kissing in Mountain field in Boulder, Colorado

What does it look like to work with an associate wedding photographer with Taylor Nicole Photography? Explore the process and benefits of a wedding photography team.

What is all the hype about film photography? Is film better than digital? Find out how Taylor and her team use film photography and editing in a film aesthetic for their client work.

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