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Taylor Nicole Photography is a fine art wedding photography team based out of Denver, Colorado. We specialize in providing bright, classic and refined wedding imagery for our couples. 

We capture a mix of posed and candid imagery that couples will cherish for all the years to come.

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Spruce Mountain Events Wedding Photos | Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding Photographer | Taylor Nicole Photography | J & J

March 13, 2024



Spruce Mountain Events Photos taken by Taylor with Taylor Nicole Photography | Colorado Wedding Photographer

Spruce Mountains Events photo of a bride and groom in field

Taylor Nicole Photography, led by owner and lead photographer Taylor, is renowned for capturing fine art wedding photography in Colorado. With a team of four specialists, we focus on delivering exquisite images that embody the essence of every couple’s love story.

For J & J’s fall wedding at Spruce Mountain Events, Taylor seamlessly blended digital and film photography, ensuring each moment was captured with timeless elegance. The bride’s low updo and the groom’s classic black tuxedo set the tone for a day filled with sophistication and romance.

To being, the couple started off their day with a first look in the fields beside the mountainside ceremony area. Transitioning from the fields to Grace’s chapel for family and wedding party portraits, the couple took wedding party and family portraits. Bridesmaids adorned in champagne dresses and white florals with touches of greenery added to the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Opting to complete all portraits before the ceremony allowed for a relaxed cocktail hour, setting the tone for a seamless and stress-free celebration.

Then, the mountain-side ceremony location provided a breathtaking backdrop for J & J’s vows, followed by a joyous reception in Albert’s Lodge. Among the highlights of the day were the Rocky Mountain Beverage Burros, adding a unique and memorable touch to cocktail hour for both the couple and their guests.

Near the end of cocktail hour Taylor captured the couple’s portraits with the donkeys, showcasing the love and laughter shared throughout the day. From the stunning scenery to the thoughtful details, J & J’s Spruce Mountain Events wedding was a testament to their love and commitment.

So, with Taylor Nicole Photography, every moment of your special day is expertly captured, ensuring your memories will last a lifetime. The Taylor Nicole Photography team loves photographing weddings at both sides of Spruce Mountain Events, it is a picture perfect set up.

Spruce Mountain Events Photos

flat lay photo of wedding invitation for a Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding
Flat lay detail images for a wedding at Spruce Mountain Events
Bride getting ready for wedding at Spruce Mountain Events
Bride getting ready for wedding at Lower Spruce Mountain Ranch
Groom getting ready for wedding at Lower Spruce Mountain Ranch
First look between couple on Spruce Mountain Events Wedding day
Film photos of couple right after first look at Spruce Mountain Events field
These are medium format film images
Couple walking in field at Lower Spruce Mountain Ranch
Bridal portraits taken at Spruce Mountain events
Bridal portraits taken at Spruce Mountain events
Couple in field at Spruce mountain ranch wedding photos
Romantic photo of couple in field at Spruce Mountain Ranch wedding, the photo is sunny and the groom is picking up the bride
Wedding party portraits at Lower Spruce Mountain Ranch
Wedding party photos at Lower Spruce Mountain Ranch
Mountainside ceremony at Spruce Mountain Events wedding venue
Wedding ceremony at Lower Spruce Mountain Ranch photos
Wedding ceremony at Lower Spruce Mountain Ranch photos
Bride and Groom recessing out after ceremony ends, celebrating. Candid photos of a Spruce Mountain Events wedding
Black and white image of a couple kissing under a veil
Photos of the scenery and guests enjoying cocktail hour at Spruce Mountain events
Spruce Mountain Events photos of couple with beverage burros
Beverage burro photos with couple at Spruce Mountain Ranch
Photos of wedding couple with donkeys
Photos of wedding couple with donkeys
Donkey with flowers at wedding
Beverage burros standing at Spruce Mountain Events
Fall wedding portraits of couple at Lower Spruce Mountain Ranch
Groom picking up bride in fall scene at Colorado wedding
Bride and Groom with Fall colors around in Colorado wedding
Bride and groom walking away from changing tree in the Fall at Colorado wedding
Bride and Groom walking down pathway at Spruce Mountain Ranch
Wedding reception decoration in Albert's Lodge at Spruce Mountain Ranch, greenery, wooden tables, lights
Black and white wedding reception images
Black and white wedding reception images of couple toasting
Outdoor dancing photos at Spruce Mountain Ranch wedding reception

In conclusion, if you’re planning a wedding at Spruce Mountain Events and are looking for a light & airy and fine art photographer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would love to work with you to capture your special day. Contact us today about your wedding photography.

Venue: Spruce Mountain Events – Lower Ranch

Floral designer Sweetwater Flower Market

Hair & Makeup- Muse Modern Salon

Planning- Mint Events

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xo, Taylor Nicole

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