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Taylor Nicole Photography is a fine art wedding photography team based out of Denver, Colorado. We specialize in providing bright, classic and refined wedding imagery for our couples. 

We capture a mix of posed and candid imagery that couples will cherish for all the years to come.

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Intro to Season Three of the Weddings & Life Podcast with Taylor Nicole

April 30, 2024



Welcome back to the Weddings & Life Podcast by Taylor Nicole. Your go-to source for all things wedding-related. Taylor Nicole is a seasoned wedding photographer and podcast host sharing advice and inspiration from her personal and professional experience.

Bride & Groom portrait at the top of Beaver Creek Mountain

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The major update for this season of the podcast…

  • We released all of this season’s episodes at once! Since we have just seven episodes this year, including this intro to the season. So you can officially listen to all of season three at your own pace. The episodes are for previous wedding couples to couples still planning their weddings and I included a few more of the ‘behind the scenes’ type of episodes about what it is like to work with Taylor Nicole Photography and our processes with film and our team.
  • Taylor will start working on and recording new podcast episodes for season four either in late 2024 or early 2025. So you can expect more podcast episodes in 2025.

Here is a list of the episodes we have in this season!

Each are linked so click through to find the related blog posts.

37. What To Do With Your Wedding Photos

38. Communicating Your Wedding Vision with Mood Boards

39. Film Photography

40. What is an Associate Wedding Photography Team?

41. The Truth About Candid Photos

42. Creative & Unique Wedding Ideas – Bonus Episode!

Life Update & 2023 Recap

Last Spring Taylor and her husband bought and moved into their new home in a small mountain town right as wedding season was picking up, hence the stop of the new podcast episodes releasing.

2023 was a big year for Taylor Nicole Photography, we served more wedding clients than we have ever before with Taylor and her two associate photographers on her team. And 2024 is set to be an even bigger year for us! We can’t wait to serve our clients and to see the stunning weddings and sessions we have on the books for this year.

We are also currently booking weddings for 2025!

We hope you enjoy Season Three of the Weddings & Life Podcast!

xo, Taylor Nicole

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